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High-Purity Pharmaceutical Grade Citrus Extract Diosmin

CAS NO: 520-27-4 | Molecular formula:C28H32O15

Diosmin is a flavone, a member of the flavonoid family. Diosmin aglycone is diosmetin.
It can be found in Teucrium gnaphalodes, a plant endemic to the Iberian Peninsula.
  • EP8.3
  • Powdery High Purity Extract
  • ≧99%
  • Food Grade,Medical Grade



EP8.3,Non-micronized powder, Micronized and customized specifications


Apart from its well-known antioxidant properties, with vitamin P like effect, it can reduce the vascular fragility and abnormal permeability, but also for the prevention and treatment of hypertension and arteriosclerosis, for the treatment of capillary fragility. It also has the characteristics of low toxicity. It also applied in the treatment of hemorrhoids, chronic venous insufficiency.

Pharmacological Effects

Diosmin is also called Alvenor. It is a kind of drug for the treatment of hemorrhoid symptoms related to acute episodes, can also be used in the treatment of symptoms associated with venous lymphatic insufficiency (leg heavy, pain, morning acid swells discomfort).

Diosmin is a nutrient that is widely contained in citrus and that has been indicated to improve glucose metabolism in diabetic disorders. Recently, we demonstrated that diosmin induces β-endorphin to lower hyperglycemia in diabetic rats. However, the mechanisms of diosmin in opioid secretion were unclear. Therefore, we focused on the secretion of opioids from isolated adrenal glands induced by diosmin. The changes in the released β-endorphin-like immunoreactivity (BER) were determined using ELISA. Diosmin increased the BER level in a dose-dependent manner, and this effect was markedly reduced in the absence of calcium ions. Activation of the imidazoline I-2 receptor (I-2R) has been introduced to induce opioid secretion. Interestingly, we observed that diosmin activates CHO cells expressing I-R.



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