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Qualified α-Ketoglutaric Acid New Batch Stock

CAS NO: 328-50-7 | Molecular formula: C5H6O5

α-Ketoglutaric Acid also known as α-Ketoglutaric acid (AKG) is a chemical found in the body.
It is a ketone derivative of the organic compound glutaric acid.
It is important for the proper metabolism of all essential amino acids and the transfer of cellular energy in the citric acid or Krebs cycle.
  • Pharmaceutical Intermediates
  • 99%Min
  • Medicine Grade
Water Solubility :

General Description
In combination with L-glutamate, AKG can reduce levels of ammonia formed in the brain, muscles, and kidneys, as well as help balance the body's nitrogen chemistry and prevent nitrogen excess in body tissues and fluids.
α-Ketoglutaric acid is used for kidney disease; intestinal and stomach disorders, including bacterial infections; liver problems; cataracts; and recurring yeast infections. It is also used for improving the way kidney patients receiving hemodialysis treatments process protein.

1, Mainly as a sports nutrition beverage ingredients .
2,As organic intermediates, biochemical reagents, test liver function of form a complete set of reagents.

1.Alanine transaminase
The alanine transaminase (ALT) enzyme converts α-Ketoglutarate and L-alanine to L-glutamate and pyruvate, respectively, as a reversible process.
2.Krebs cycle
α-Ketoglutarate is a key intermediate in the Krebs cycle, coming after isocitrate and before succinyl CoA. Anaplerotic reactions can replenish the cycle at this juncture by synthesizing α-ketoglutarate from transamination of glutamate, or through action of glutamate dehydrogenase on glutamate.
3.Formation of amino acids
Glutamine is synthesized from glutamate by glutamine synthetase, which utilizes an ATP to form glutamyl phosphate; this intermediate is attacked by ammonia as a nucleophile giving glutamine and inorganic phosphate. Proline, Arginine, and Lysine(in limited organisms) are other amino acids synthesized as well. These three amino acids derive from glutamate with the addition of further steps or with the use of enzymes to facilitate reactions.
α-Ketoglutarate, which is known to be released by several cell types, decreased the levels of hydrogen peroxide, and the α-ketoglutarate was depleted and converted to succinate in cell culture media.

1.Alpha Ketoglutaric Acid can be the great ingredient of Sports Nutritional product.
2.Alpha Ketoglutaric Acid can be the ingredients of medicine, health care products,moreover,it was a food additives.
3.Alpha Ketoglutaric Acid is a intermediate of organic synthesis.



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