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Sales Promotion Qualified Orotic Acid Immediately Delivery CAS 65-86-1

CAS NO: 65-86-1 | Molecular formula: C5H4N2O4

Orotic acid (also known as pyrimidinecarboxylic acid) is a heterocyclic acid; it is also known as Historically it was believed to be part of the vitamin B complex and was called vitamin B13, but it is now known that it is not a vitamin.
It is well known as a precursor in biosynthesis of pyrimidines; in mammals it is released from the mitochondrial dihydroorotate dehydrogenase (DHODH) for conversion to UMP by the cytoplasmic UMP synthase enzyme.
  • Orotic acid
  • 99%
  • Pharmaceutical Grade


In medicine field
Vitamin B13 (orotic acid) and its derivatives use is quite extensive, which itself is a good liver medicine for jaundice, liver disease, fatty liver , acute and chronic hepatitis have a good effect . At home and abroad have been developed to orotic acid -based serialization drugs, such as nitro acid whey, whey amino acids, and  markets  the  most  promising  drugs  are  orotic acid  with a 5 - amino- imidazole 4 - A at 90 °C amide salt, whey salt of ammonia -ethyl  amide  (Orazamide) ,  can  be treated with a variety of liver diseases; another orotic acid derivatives on the heart and some also have a significant effect. Whey acid drugs for its good efficacy, side effects, no stimulation of the kidneys , in vivo and low residues and accumulation favored and attention. Developed in recent years developed orotic acid for the synthesis of nucleic acids , nucleic acid is the main substance of life , for the study of protein biosynthesis and human genetics has very important significance , has now developed the raw materials for its production of nucleic acids health food and drugs, can affect and control the metabolic activity of many lives , to delay human aging has a significant effect.
Cosmetic Uses
This product is the main raw material for cosmetics. Be epithelial fine local absorption, penetrate and diffuse into the skin, soothing humidity, but also to prevent facial epithelial cell senescence.


Orotic acid is a nutrient, also known as vitamin B13. As a new type of vitamin, it is mainly used in Japan as a non-prescription drug ingredient for dry compatibility and vitamin supplements; it is not only a medicinal vitamin, but also widely used in cosmetics as a nutritional cosmetic base in Western Europe. The skin cells are well absorbed, promote the metabolism of human cells, and can significantly inhibit skin aging. There are many researches on orotic acid in the United States, and there are relatively many uses. There are applications in medicine, food, daily chemical, and life science fields. The research, development and application of orotic acid in China is just at the initial stage. At present, orotic acid has become a hot research product in the domestic pharmaceutical and biological fields, and its main purpose is in the field of medicine.



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